The Stoics

Art project honouring the philosophy of stoicism. Original artwork available as NFTs and prints. 20% of the proceeds go toward a social impact fund.


The Stoics is an art project by the artist to honour the practical philosophy of stoicism and to raise money for social impact. The artworks are hand drawn digitally by the artist, and are available in two mediums - NFTs and prints.

The project has no utility besides the intrinsic value of owning the artwork and no roadmap besides the creation of the artworks of stoic philosophers.


Open Edition NFTs
The Open Edition NFTs are minted on the Tezos blockchain which is a carbon neutral blockchain. There will be 7 NFTs available as editions of 1000 for 0.5 $XTZ, and all unsold NFTs will be burned at a specified date. They are available (upon creation) at

Open Edition Prints
The prints are made to order on archival paper with . There will be 7 prints available, framed or unframed in a variety of sizes. They are available (upon creation) at

Social Impact

For every sale of an Open Edition NFT or Physical print, 20% of the proceeds will go toward RC Forward's Human Empowerment Fund. This fund is provides people with the opportunities and knowledge they need to make their lives better.

The fund follows principles of effective altruism, ensuring the money is spent on empowering people that currently struggle to meet their basic needs. The donation will be made after the NFTs have been burned and prints go off-sale.